EAT LOCAL: Two Bros BBQ Market

Dated: 04/01/2019

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*** DISCLAIMER - I didn't plan on blogging about this until AFTER I ate all of my food therefore there are no pictures of the yummy deliciousness...sorry!***

I fancy myself a foodie - my husband & I try to eat local and while I will always be a fan of Outback Cheese Fries - we prefer locally owned restaurants over chains any day of the week.  

We have been exploring San Antonio and we have found some really great spots - the Cove, Josephine Street, the CIA, and several more but today... TODAY we found our Bar-B-Que JAM... 

I'd like to say it's a "San Antonio Secret" but really it's not - It's been featured on the Food Network, Hoda & Kathy, & makes the list of Top Texas BBQ as featured in Texas Monthly Magazine.  But we've eaten at some triple D joints, some Presidential favorites, and some Highly recommended spots & come away with "Meh, it was Ok..." but today that was NOT the case... 

After a long day of showing homes, we decided that we needed to get ready for the week with some good, down home Texas BBQ, so we googled and found Two Bros BBQ, we are still learning all the sides of town in San Antonio, but it was relatively close to my office near 281 North at the Nakoma Exit and it had some positive reviews so off we went.  

When we pulled up, there were a lot of cars in the parking lot but there was plenty of parking and you could smell the smokers. There was a line of about 6 people in front of us, but it moved pretty quickly & in the spirit of trying a new place - we ordered a LOT of food even though it was just the two of us - we had chopped salads, sausages, brisket, pulled pork, and macaroni & cheese + drinks.  

There was indoor & outdoor seating and outside there was an awesome playground for kids to play on while their parents enjoyed their dinner.  The restaurant has a really great vibe, it felt like going to a friends house that just happened to have some really great BBQ.  There's a sauce & condiment bar that had some giant slices of pickles and onions and 3 types of sauce - all of which were outstanding & while I usually go for sweet BBQ sauces, these had just a hint of kick and really great flavor - I ended up mixing the Red Bottle with the Clear Bottle for my pulled pork & then used the Yellow bottle on my sausage. 

The Food was OUTSTANDING & plentiful - The Sausages had good "bite" - that little pop when you bite into the casing.  The brisket was perfectly moist & juicy and had great flavor on it's own - the sauce just made it even better - we liked mixing the red & clear bottle for the brisket as well.  The Pulled Pork Sandwich was not fatty & had a nice smoke flavor that wasn't overwhelming.  The Bread was a nice, fluffy hamburger bun & they also gave us slices of regular white bread for the sausages & brisket.  But the most surprising thing was the macaroni & cheese.  I make a pretty mean mac & cheese - so i always order mac & cheese & then I judge it harshly... this one was a simple mac & cheese, nothing weird, no bacon, no "crumb topping".  It was super cheesy in a good way - it was creamy through out and the macaroni elbows were perfectly cooked.  I don't ever eat a full serving of restaurant mac & cheese & today I did.  It's not fancy - but it was the perfect accompaniment to the pulled pork sandwich.  

We didn't have dessert & now I wish we had tried something.  There was SO MUCH food - we walked away stuffed - but the good news is that Two Bros BBQ is just down the street from my office, so I'll make it back during the week & let you know about the desserts & maybe I'll even get a few pictures! 

If you are looking for outstanding BBQ in a casual fun atmosphere - stop by TWO BROS BBQ Market12656 West Ave, San Antonio, TX 78216 

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EAT LOCAL: Two Bros BBQ Market

*** DISCLAIMER - I didn't plan on blogging about this until AFTER I ate all of my food therefore there are no pictures of the yummy deliciousness...sorry!***I fancy myself a foodie - my husband ;

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