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Dated: 04/20/2019

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Last weekend was chaotic - I had a full schedule of Listing Appointments and Home Showings and there wasn't much time for cooking.  So on to the google machine I went... the search for "Late Night Food near me" found the standard McDonalds, Wendy's & Pizza - but I wanted good food that I didn't have to cook & I didn't have to drive a million miles for... refine the search... "Bar Food Near Me" well THAT was a much better search - 3 blocks away was the Blue Star Complex - which we have seen & ridden by & it's where we drop in to ride the river trail to the missions, but hadn't ever stopped - Friday night... we stopped... 

The Blue Star Complex is gorgeous and there are several eateries (I have tried all of them except the Japanese/Sushi place in the last week) but Stella Public House was our destination and we are so glad we found it! It is on the River, but not on the touristy section of the Riverwalk. It was busy but not overly crowded.

There was a lot going on, with people hanging out in the shops & enjoying dinner on their patio, but we were seated inside pretty quickly.  

Stella Public House

As per our usual, we ordered a wide variety of food - Appetizers, Pizza, Beer, & Dessert! This time I remembered to get pics of the food too! 

We started with a beer - my husband wasn't sure what kind he wanted, he asked for a dark beer & they brought him out 2 different types to try. He picked #2... 

For Appetizers - we went with Lamb Meatballs & Wildmushroom Mac & Cheese... They were both very good - The meatballs are a combination of pork & lamb and were juicy and well flavored.  4 to an order, they are served in a small cast iron pan with a delicious marinara sauce & slices of oven bread. We ate two of them before I remembered to take the picture.

While our visit to Two Brothers was NOT fancy mac & cheese... THIS was fancy mac & cheese.  They say the wild mushrooms are local... i wanna know where to get them... they use a campanelle noodle so this creamy, mushroomy, gouda-ey (probably not a word) sauce gets stuck in all of the crevices of the noodle and it makes for the perfect bite. San Antonio seems to have mastered the art of Mac & Cheese... i am impressed... 

& for our "main course" we ordered a pizza.  In hindsight, we should have ordered a house specialty pizza but instead we were difficult and ordered a Pizza Margherita with extra toppings (Pepperoni & Grilled onions) - I was starting to get full off the appetizers and I really wanted to try the dessert so i only had one slice - my husband on the other hand, has voted this his favorite pizza.  Last night, I suggested ordering delivery pizza & he said if he was eating pizza he was going to Stella Public House... so there's that... the crust was delicious but what he really loves is the sauce - this is a really good, full flavored sauce but it's different from the marinara that was served with the meatballs... they are some sauce-making chefs in this kitchen. 

So onto Dessert... Chocolate, Pecans, Ice Cream, and BEER??? Yeah. It works.  I was a little hesitant about the Chocolate Pecan Bread Pudding with a stout beer reduction - Jamie, Our Waitress highly recommended it & I am so glad that she did. This is warm chocolate goodness, and the ice cream melts over the top - it's enough for two people to share, but lucky for me - my husband doesn't care for dessert as much i do! 

Everyone was really friendly, and we chatted with the young lady who was sitting next to us - she gave us some great local, insider tips on fiesta, the parades, and local kayaking & fishing spots. She also told us to come back for brunch... so we did. 

Looking for some good local food? Stop by Stella Public House 1414 S. Alamo in the Blue Star Complex.  If you follow me on Social Media (FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM ) you have probably seen that I spend my mornings at Halcyon Coffee - this is a great spot too & is conveniently located behind Stella Public House, but there will be more on them in the future. 

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